Tuesday, March 31, 2015

12 Kits...Song of the South

Marybeth was so sweet and asked if I would like to join in this month with 12 Kits...
and how could I refuse?
I was supposed to be able to work on this when most of my kiddos were on spring break a couple of weeks ago but 2 of my kids headed out for NYC and it was just the little guy and me so...
of course I didn't get to work on it like I had planned.

Marybeth sent such a wonderfully fun kit full of goodies...
and as always I have LOTS left over to play with later...
especially since I LOVE livin' in the South and right now we're headed into spring...
everything is blooming, greening and growing and I have one word for you...
say it about 40 times and you'll know what I've been up to.
So here's what I was able to come up with so far...




Marybeth...thank you so much for inviting me to play along.
I can't wait to see what everyone else was able to come up with using this fabulous kit...
and make sure you head over to the 12 Kits blog HERE so you can see what all the girls were able to do!
Plus...Jeanne is giving away a kit for May and you don't want to miss your chance to get it! *wink*

Thanks for stopping by...
hope you have a wonderful week!
Till next time!


  1. Renee!!! Fabulous cards! That crisp black is just fantastic....I'm so happy you are joining us this month so we could play cards together!
    =] Michele Ferguson

  2. Oh Renee! So glad to have you back right where you belong girl! Wow! Beautiful creations - You used two things I just couldn't figure out - that beautiful layered thanks and the produce labels. So glad now - I'm going to put them to work! Love your Rooster - it looks great with the "country" stitching and background of stars!

  3. Hi Renee! Achoo to you too! Yes we in the Central Valley (CA), are up to our sinuses in allergies as well! Just have to say, love seeing your touch of class back with 12 Kits. Your cards are typical Renee simple perfection! Lovely all, but special love to the rooster with the stars, just seems to set him off!

  4. Fun cards Renee, full of country charm !!!

  5. Renee....welcome back for the month. So happy to see your beautiful and sweet face! You have been missed. Your cards are simply wonderful and being a lady from the South, you totally rocked this kit. Love them all...miss you lots!

  6. Renee, I LOVE that you said "yes" to this kit. I really thought that your big banner thanks card would be my favorite because it wowed me from the moment I saw it, but I gotta tell ya...your rooster card totally blew me away. I don't even think I can say I want to CASE it because I honestly want to downright copy it. :) The last card is fantastic, too, and I think the layout might just be what I needed to finished one of my unfinished cards with this kit. Thank you for the inspiration!

  7. Soooooo happy to see your clean, crisp designs again! We've really missed you! And I knew you would do a fantastic job with the country theme. Love all your cards! Loved how you used the label. I played around with them and just couldn't get a good design. Yours is perfect!

  8. Renee, want to congratulate you for coming up with such an awesome concept! I love the idea of your 12 Kits. Secondly, I absolutely LOVE your CAS style, and adore what you have done with this amazing kit. I have a soft spot for your last card especially. It has such rustic charm, gorgeous sentiment, and yet so clean and crisp. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hi Renee! Or should I say "God Bless You!" 40x! I can totally identify as I have horrible allergies too! Love your CAS perfection as always! All 3 cards are fantastic!

  10. Thanks for playing along this month Renee! Love the CAS cards you made with the kit! Love the rooster and stars and the country banners on the last card. Always fun to have you back in blogland!

  11. I was so happy to see you were joining us this month Renee...this kit was just perfect for you! I love your take on the cute rooster and the red banners on the third card were my faves. I've missed you but it sounds like your hands are as full as mine are now. So happy to see you here this month!

  12. So nice to have you back, Renee. I hardly knew you were gone (wink, wink). Sorry you are having allergies, but I love the cards you were able to make. Just fantastic and CAS. Especially love how that first banner looks on the dark card stock.

  13. I can so relate to what you are saying...I really have a difficult time with allergies too.

    Your cards are all great. You did a delightful job with that kit!

  14. Hi Renee, allergies are the worst and are just starting for me here! Didn't you just love that banner? I love that last card with the banner and enamel dots! Great having you here!

  15. Sigh. I miss your CAS creations in our 12 kits post! My fave, of course, is Mr. Rooster with his starry background! Your banner is awesome, I have that PTI set, and have yet to use it to my liking. Can't wait until you are our guestie again!


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